Why MB Boats?

For PULL, Its about the quality of the boats we sell … Not the number of boats we sell! 

PULL Watersports has always been dedicated to bringing our friends the best quality, performance and value on the water. We work hard to not only carry the best brands, but to also use them. We do not just highlight features from a brochure – we actually understand the boat because we use them. We know watersports because “It's What We Do”.    
PULL was proud to bring Tige Boats to Georgia. Over 7 years, PULL made Tige the fastest growing brand of wake boats in Georgia and sold more Tige Boats than ever before.

As Tige focused more on market share and volume over passion – our paths parted.
We are always looking for great products and brands that align with our values. Over the past several seasons, many people suggested that we look at bringing MB Boats to the South. We did not know much about them, but we knew they were a quality boat. After a few conversations with MB, we decided to fly out to Merced, California and take a closer look.

Upon arriving at the MB factory, it was clear that they were focused on craftsmanship and quality. We have been to several other boat factories where boats were basically pushed down an assembly line. MB is the polar opposite – MB builds their boats truly one at a time.  The construction process is unlike any other larger boat brand. MB uses hand laid glass and vacuum infused resin creating an incredibly strong hull and deck. Other manufacturers spray chopped fiberglass into the hull. The building process is more like what you would see in a custom boat – and it should be… It is a custom boat.  

We were incredibly impressed with the build quality of the boat as well as the true craftsmanship that the company focuses on. We loved their philosophy of building a smaller number of boats and focusing on building the best boats, not the most boats. On the water – it was a no brainer.  The ride was better than what we have experienced on most other boats. The surf wave was clean and had more power out of the box. Long, clean, tall, and a ton of power no matter where you were in the wave. It was also great being on boats that also have clean, crisp, outstanding wakeboard wakes.


MBs feature hand laid fiberglass matting and uses a Vacuum Infusion Process rather than spray-in fiberglass chop like most boat builders. This process is more time consuming and more expensive, but it produces a stronger boat. The Vacuum Infusion Process provides a precise glass to resin ratio with minimal to no voids in the finished laminate.

MBs hulls and stringer systems are fully formed together. Hull, Stringers, Sub-Floor and Decks are fused together making the boat essentially one piece. You will notice the smooth solid ride of an MB – compare it to just about any other brand – We know you will feel the difference.


It all starts with the hull design. There is a big difference between a surfable boat and a good surf boat. MBs have long featured a deeper V hull that runs down the length of the hull.  This not only creates a superior ride to flat bottom boats, but it also produces a cleaner, more powerful wake surf wave and an incredible wakeboard wake.

MBs feature an integrated surf system allowing for easy adjustment and instantaneous side to side switching. 

MB Quick Fill Sub Floor ballast lets you fill your sub floor ballast in as little as 90 seconds.  This quick fill / quick empty system will add the majority of your ballast with additional plug and play ballast options available.

MBs feature Indmar Raptor 6.2 L Closed Cooled motors to provide more torque, power and efficiency.


Wake boats continue to get more complicated and prices continues to skyrocket. Added pumps, audio, touch screens, surf systems, etc. – can certainly make a boat easier to operate, it also creates potential problems and increased systems failures. MB continues to focus on more reliable systems including integrated quick fill ballast that utilizes less pumps, fewer touch screens and computers that can shut down your boat and keep you off the water.  


Compare an MB against any other boat. Take a hard look at the construction, the fit and finish, quality of vinyl, and the ability to customize. Take a ride on one and compare an MB surf wave against any other boat. With MBs dedication to building an amazing boat and PULL Watersports’ dedication to providing more boat for the money, we know an MB from PULL is worth a closer look.

Stop in and check out an MB for yourself, or better yet, join us for a ride. The surf wave performance is incredible, and the wakeboard wake is outstanding. The solid construction and deeper V gives the MBs a superior ride in chop. Building an MB for yourself is truly a custom boat – MB offers more gelcoat color options than anyone else and you can choose multiple interior vinyl colors and textures. It's nice to see that this level of craftsmanship still exists today. 

What MB Is Not

MB is not a budget boat or an entry level boat – MB is a premium, custom boat, with the absolute highest standards for building one of the best tow boats on the water.  
MB is not a brand that spends money on advertising or marketing – The best advertising is quality boats on the water and loyal, passionate customers. Talk to an MB Owner! 
MB is not a new brand entering the crowded wake boat space – MB has been building boat longer than most manufacturers. MBs roots go all the way back to the 50s as a family building quality boats.
MB is not a mass-produced boat – MB only builds a limited number of boats per year.  While most manufacturers are concerned with building as many boats as they can, MB sole focus is building a limited number of the best boats they can. Supply of MB boats is typically limited, and MB dealers are only able to get a select number. 
MB Is not a large publicly traded company – MB was started by Mike Brendel and is still owned and operated by Mike, son Dustin and the Brendel Family. The focus Is not on shareholder value and cost cutting – it is focused on building the best quality boats with incredible performance. 
MB is not new to wake surfing. While MB were some of the early stand out wake board boats, they were also some of the earliest surf boats. California has long been known for surfing, so it makes sense that the evolution of wake surfing emerged on the west coast.   People have been surfing behind an MB long before most other brands.

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