Surf's Up! A Quick History

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It’s always fun to go back and take a look at the evolution and history of a sport. You get to see the advancements in the equipment as well as the tricks or skills that are constantly setting a new bar. When it comes to wakeboarding, it is fascinating to know that 2 of the 3 inventors of the sport are actually still at it today behind one of the best brands in the business!.

Surfing is one of wakeboarding’s closest relatives and was one of the main influences for the sport. One of the earliest forms started with surfers getting pulled out to sea by boats to catch waves, or sometimes even from the shoreline by a truck. From this, shorter boards started being used. A San Diego surfer named Tony Finn developed one of the first wakeboards called the Skurfer, a hybrid of a water ski and a surfboard. In the early 1980’s he and his partner started mass-producing the Skurfer, which looked a lot like a mini surfboard.

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