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Ronix Modello Fish Wake Surf 2017

$ 369.99

Looking for a great all around boat board - One that everyone can ride, fast enough to stay in the wake, stable yet fun??  This is it.  

Ronix wanted to create a skim style board that is more affordable, more durable, and doesn’t sacrifice performance. Their creation… the all-new Modello Fish Skim.

 Want a skim shape? Don’t want to break the bank to buy one? Ronix built the Modello Fish Skim just for you! This board seems to do a bit everything. Overall it rides most similar to a surf shape but definitely has a bit of skim feel mixed in there. The best part about the Fish Skim is that you can be snapping some surfy turns one second and be stomping your favorite skim trick the next. This hybrid shape offers the versatility needed to be a fun board for everyone on the board to enjoy.

New for 2017, Ronix is debuting their new Modello core construction in the Stub Fish and Fish Skim shapes. These boards are compression molded, built similar to a wakeboard. While slightly heavier than other boards in the lineup, they are by far the most durable construction. Not only less prone to dings, the Modello boards are the most affordable boards in the Ronix surf lineup. The Fish Skim is available in a 4’9” size and comes standard with a three fin setup allowing you to ride a single fin, twin fin, or thruster setup.

A new addition to the Ronix surf lineup, the goal of this shape was to deliver performance and value at an affordable price. What more can you ask for?


  • -Concave top deck with tail kick
  • -New rear and front pad design
  • -Three 2.9” black polycarbonate fins
  • -Lightweight wakeboard construction


-Modello Core

-Standard Thickness

-Hard Rail

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