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Ronix August 2017 Girls Wakeboard/Boot Package

$ 519.99 $ 349.00
Put your kids on the right setup!  The right board and boots will help them progress much faster and have more fun riding!  

The next generation of female wakeboarders are learning how to ride on the Ronix August. A true kids board, every aspect was designed solely for the wants and needs of little rippers. The 3-stage rocker and wide tip/tail creates a stable, forgiving ride. Whether your little one is just learning to get up or is beginning to stomp airs, the August will help make wakeboarding a fun, enjoyable experience for them.

The board is a symmetrical shape but does does have some asymmetrical features to help riders learn toeside edging. While on their toeside edge a rider’s shoulders and hips are not parallel. This puts the rider in an awkward and uncomfortable body position that is unique to wakeboarding. Ronix gave the August a sharper rail and a longer fin on the toeside edge for added stability. The grom glass construction offers a lighter layup for reduced weight and more contact/feel with the water.

Did we forget to mention that this board comes with a 15 sticker set AND the top sheet graphic sparkles?!?!

Put your little one on the popular Ronix August and watch her confidence soar.

Ronix August Wakeboard Features

-Original baseless
-Stage 1 liner
-Built in j-bars
-New lace lock
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