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Liquid Forece POD Wake Surf Board 2017

$ 749.99

One of the most over used words in describing wake surf boards is "fun" - but when it comes to the Liquid Force POD - Is is really the best word we could think of.  This board is fast but yet can turn quick on its tail.  It is great for carving nice big bottom turns but also can catch air really easily.  Just a great all around board for performance but also stable so really everyone can ride it.  If you want one great  end board in the boat that just about anyone can ride - this is it. 

The POD is brand new for 2017 but we got our hands on a few early to go test.   Just like every board we sell at PULL - we go out and ride them so we can tell you the truth! 


From the words of Liquid Force -- The POD is our newest high performance surf shape designed to let you fly! The unique full diamond shape lets you ride a shorter, more maneuverable board that still has plenty of volume to keep you gliding. The POD comes equipped with our new Carbon side fins that give the board the ability to handle high speed direction changes and rip apart any wake thrown at it. A dual layer deck featuring our Innegra and Vector Net reinforcements make sure the board is sturdy underfoot and prepared for landings as you take your airs to another level!

  • Vector Net Reinforced Tail... Top And Bottom
  • Innegra Reinforced Front Foot Area
  • CNC EPS Foam Core With Stringer
  • Single To Double Concave Vee Hull
  • Square Grooved Multi-Zoned EVA Front And Rear Pads
  • Quad Fin Set-Up- 2 High Performance Carbon Side Fins & 2 Stubbie 2.0 Rear Fins

Length Width Rocker Volume Rider Weight
4'3" 4 ft 3 in
129.5 cm
19.5 in
49.6 cm
Nose 6.5 cm
Tail 1.4 cm
18.5 L Up to 185 lbs
Up to 84 kg
4'7" 4 ft 7 in
139.7 cm
19.9 in
50.5 cm
Nose 7.0 cm
Tail 1.5 cm
21.1 L 170 - 220 lbs
77 - 100 kg
4'11" 4 ft 11 in
149.9 cm
20.5 in
52.0 cm
Nose 7.5 cm
Tail 1.6 cm
24.8 L 190 - 250+ lbs
86 - 114 kg


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