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Liquid Force TC Skim 2016

$ 369.00
Size: 60"

Named after Olympic Snowboarder, Wake Surfer, and one of coolest guys around - Tommy Czeshin.  Tommy uses this board to do just about everything you can imagine.  The TC is super fast and a true Skim feel allowing  you to do spins, shoves, and get great pop of the lip of the wave.  

The clean single concave feeds into a quad channel dual winged tail for lift, control, and flight. No other board in the Liquid Force lineup gives the rider that true skim feel that is needed for playful lip tricks on the wave. 

The TC is one of our most popular boards during our weekly rides! 


Stringered EPS Core/Epoxy Shell
Strong and light for optimum performance.

Fast Skim Rocker with Sharp Rails
Loose and fast – with increased nose rocker.

Double Wing Diamond Tail Shape
Concave slots under wings for extra drive and lift.

Single Fin Set-Up
Removable center fin simplicity keeps it loose and free.

Full sized Grooved EVA Front & Rear Deck Pad
Arch bar and kick stop for positive grip and sure-footed traction.


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