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Inland Surfer Green Room - Demo

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Inland Surfer Green Room

This is the Inland Surfer that started  it all.   If you are a bigger guy that has been waiting for a high performance Inland Surfer, well the wait is now over.  The original Green Room shape has added a few upgrades like channels, Wood Loc deck & hull, TriTech Fin boxes, Carbon Fiber grab rails and the fundamentals of the Drop V Tail with the Vortex Channel all in concert with the Rocket Rocker.  The result is the fastest, most aggressive fun large board that Inland Surfer has built to date. If you are a bigger guy that is an intermediate to advanced rider looking for a high performance board to add to the quiver, this board will not disappoint.

Perfect for the larger rider that really wants to ride!  


  • Ability Level: The ability level recommendation for this board is Intermediate to Advanced.
  • Size: 5'7" x 23" x 1.75" - 8 lbs.
  • Front and rear flat pad or arch bar deck traction inserts included.
  • Board Design EPS - Expanded Polystyrene this is light weight beaded foam used in the production of all Inland Surfer's Epoxy Wakesurfers.
  • Epoxy Infused Technology - our top secret way of fully soaking the fiberglass with epoxy to create the strongest bond.
  • Woodloc - inland Surfers process that inserts laminated layers of wood into the board top and bottom platform, to increase strength, rigidity, stiffness and overall performance.
  • TRItech Fin Box - Inland Surfers 3 position fin box that allows the rider 3 different fin positions for the ultimate in performance fine tuning.
  • Vortex Channel - speeds up water and injects air near the tip of the board producing a faster board and avoids pearling (nose diving).
  • Progressive Edge - The rail geometry and construction that holds the board close to the wake without creating unwanted drag.
  • ROCKET Rocker - This profile has been designed to provide the absolute maximum down-the-line speed without sacrificing edge to edge performance.
  • Drop "V" tail - provides maximum release of water tension from under the board.

Tech Specs:  5'7" x 23" x  1.75" - 8 lbs.

Weight Range: The weight range recommendation for this board is 100 lbs. to 250+ lbs. depending on wake size.

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