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CWB Dash - Kids Wake Surf Board 2018

$ 199.99

People often make the mistake of putting kids on boards that are too big for them.   Larger boards are usually too buoyant for kids to "push down" when starting and moving around that much board when they are riding does not help them progress quickly.    A smaller board is easy for them to get up on and will allow them to quickly learn to really control the board.   

The CWB Dash is a perfect board for kids.  This board is a great skim style board with a thin profile allowing kids to quickly get it under their feet.   The 3 fin setup allows for it to be super stable yet can be adjusted to change the ride as they progress.    The Dash is also priced right -  We think $199 is a small price to pay to see your kids quickly learn and develop to surf!   

Key Features of CWB Dash Wakesurfer:
  • Skim style
  • Compression
  • Flat base
  • Single skim fin
  • CNC diamond cut EVA pad w/ kicktail
  • Designed for kids
Size 44"
Center Width 19.7"
Rocker Height Tip/2.1", Tail/0.08"
Rider Weight Up to 125 lbs




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