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CWB Benz Wake Surf Board 2016

$ 499.99 $ 339.00
Size: 4'8"

This is one of best all around Skim/Surf Style Hybrids.  This is a quiet board in the sense that we dont talk too much about it - but most people that ride it or have one absolutely love it!  

The new 2016 look is awesome - easily one of the best looking boards in our 16 line up! 

The Benz has been hailed as our best skim/ surf hybrid shape over the years, designed with speed and performance in mind. Whether you're learning the basics of wakesurfing, spinning or ollies the Benz has you covered. The flat and fast rocker line allows you further back on a wave with the speed and drive to rocket back into the pocket. The twin 3'' flat foil fin setup drives the board but is easy to break free when you want.


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