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One of the fastest and most comfortable riding PWCs on the water!!!
This GTX is in good condition Low Hours!
Sea-Doo’s GTX Limited iS 260 remains arguably one of the most full-featured watercraft currently for sale. From splashy extras, like Intelligent Suspension, to the smallest of details and extras, the Limited remains aimed at those who want the best of everything.
If there’s one item that truly separates the Limited iS 260 from the competition – as well as much of the rest of Sea-Doo’s lineup – it’s the craft’s inclusion of an “intelligent” suspension. 2014 Sea-Doo Limited iS 260 Suspension Motion The GTX Limited iS 260 offers 5.5 inches of suspension travel, significantly cushioning the ride in rough water. The hull that contacts and slices through the water is one component. The complete rider interface, including footwells, saddle and handlebars, is the other. These two individual parts are linked via a twin-arm suspension. Dampening the movement between the two is a shock absorber and central spring. Bounce up and down in the footwells on shore or on the trailer, and the movement between the two parts is obvious. The rider component moves up and down within the hull by about 5.5 inches.
Hit a wave and, rather than feel its jolt transferred up through the boat, you instead feel a softened bounce. Suspension doesn’t totally eliminate the feel of rough water, but it takes out the spine-jarring component, resulting in a more comfortable and less-fatiguing ride. It’s also great for passengers, who are often unable to foresee and absorb shock like the driver. Passengers, who may not see rough water ahead, will appreciate the suspension more than the driver.
Like all flagship models, the Limited also gets electronic throttle, making possible both cruise control and a no-wake mode. Both take the “finger fatigue” out of controlling the throttle over extended periods, and cruise control will also quickly become a favorite of those who frequently tow skiers or wakeboarders. Sea-Doo takes advantage of electronic control to also offer drivers a choice of acceleration curves. Get the engine’s full fury in Sport mode, tame things down for a calmer response in Touring mode, or let the computer keep things most fuel-efficient in the ECO setting. This level of performance control is in addition to the continued use of dual safety/theft-prevention lanyards, one programmed for normal operation, and one that dramatically lowers top speed to govern performance for newcomers or younger riders.
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Year 2014
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Model GTX 260
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