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Inland Surfer James Walker Pro 137

$ 999.00 $ 948.99

We were really curious to find out how a $999 board rode and were frankly a little worried.  When we tested the Inland Surfer James Walker Pro, were were blown away with the ride and immediately all said "yeah I would buy it".   It was like driving a sports car!    Fast from way back in the wave all the way up, Quick /snappy turning, ability to fly off the top, and yet somehow stable.  


The JW Pro is the original design that brought Composite Sandwich technology to wake surfing, the revolutionary board that not only combined new materials but also the first 3 stage rocker in wake surfing.  Equipped with James’s signature outline featuring a single wing tail for speed, response, performance and ultimate lift off the wave.  This is one board that will force you to improve your mechanics and the results are lofty airs, aggressive slashes and snaps that will allow you to evolve your style.  The most responsive shape that reacts to your thoughts before you can pump, carve or apply pressure, its an exciting learning curve of professional wake surfing.  

Ability Level: The ability level recommendation for this board is pro.

Weight Range: The weight range recommendation for this board is 100lbs. to 200+lbs. depending on wake size

Specs: 4’6” x 20.5”x 1.5” - 5 lbs.  Twinzer fin system.

Note: Twinzer fin system (Monster and Little Buddy fins) included.


2016 Inland Surfer James Walker Pro Surf 137 from Inland Surfer on Vimeo.


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