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Inland Surfer IKA 2016

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Want a board that is perfect for the beginner as well as something that you can hold on to as you advance.  The Inland Surfer IKA is an incredibly fast and fun board that will fit the needs of anyone just starting our AS WELL AS someone who is already advanced.   This board will not hold you back

The new IKA from Inland Surfer!  This new twin fin wakesurfer is fun for everyone!  Featuring our STEPtech technology providing lift and ease when it comes to popping off the lip and busting airs!  A blunt-nosed swallow tail, first of its kinds is a shape that is just fast and fun!  

Easy to get up on for everyone with tremendous forgiveness for the beginner rider.  Snaps, slashes, ollies and airs - there isn't a wakesurf boat out there that doesn't deserve to have an IKA! 



Compression Molded


Wider Modified Swallow TailFor stability and response. Delivers quick release and pop off the wake.

Rounded Blunt NoseEasy and balanced to ride reverted after shuv-its and surface 180s.

STEPtechCreates a release point towards the tail of the board as the water flows through. This means more down the line speed and better release off the wake for bigger airs.


Multiple Fin Configurations

Tri FinFor a beginner to intermediate surf style feel.

Dual FinFor beginner to intermediate surf style feel.

Single FinFor beginner to intermediate skim style feel.

*NoticeShips with 1 pair of 6.0 cm ABS Delta 4Skim Fins only!


Full Deck Traction Pad

High-Definition Graphics

Specs: 5’0” x 20” x 1” - 8 lbs.  Tri fin option.

Weight Range: The weight range recommendation for this board is 70lbs. to 250+lbs. depending on wake size.

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