Learn To Wake Surf!

  Nothing is better than learning how to drop the rope and surf the wave on beautiful Lake Lanier.  Wake Surfing offers a fun and exciting activity for just about all ages.  It is low impact on the body and easy to learn … Really!    Pull Watersports will teach you!  We offer expert instructions and feature world class Tige wake surfing boats to make your experience a never forget day!  Pull Watersports Offers Week Day and Weekend Outings for groups...
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Every year we hear the tragic stories about accidents on the water.  Yet many times, these accidents are completely avoidable.   Each year there are thousands of accidents and hundreds of deaths across the country on our lakes.  The #1 cause … Stupidity.    Boating is all about a good time – nothing brings friends and families together like time on the water.  But that good time also comes with a higher level of responsibility.   Too often, accidents happen when a person(s)...
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  For Immediate Release: January 19, 2017 PULL Watersports named BEST BOAT DEALERSHIP  “I am thrilled to share the news that PULL Watersports won Best Boat Dealership in Forsyth County for 2017!  With more than 230,000 public votes in the month-long contest, this is quite an honorable achievement! “It means these companies are the Best of the Best.  In a county lauded with an endless supply of awards and recognition for its schools, quality of life, education of residents and more these businesses stand supreme. Eight...
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Tige Welcomes Bethany Hamilton To The Team!

Tige Boats is excited to welcome the inspirational Bethany Hamilton to the Tige family! Known as one of the world’s most brave women and a world ranked surfer, Hamilton will now be adding the Tige wave to her surfing. “Surfing is life, and I am so excited to do it behind the new wave of Tige,” stated Bethany Hamilton. “I’m excited to be a part of the Tige family and represent the brand!” At the age of thirteen, Bethany lost her...
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Top 10 Things To Do To Your Boat This Winter!

It is sad to think that we are quickly rolling through fall.  And for many of us, time to put our boats away for a few months.   Just because we may not be on the water every weekend, it doesn’t mean that our contact with our boat should end until April.   And while sometimes it seems like winter can drag on its actually pretty quick.  We jump into the holidays and before you know it is the boat show, the...
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Tips For Great Audio

5 Ways to Max Out Your Audio System For most, a good sound system adds to the joy of being on the water.  Whether it is cranking up the volume while wakeboarding or surfing – or clean sounds while on a sunset cruise.  A great system and fun playlist just compliments your time on the lake.   This quick overview was provided by Roswell Marine. Stop in to PULL and check out our Roswell line up!     Set Your Goals...
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Support Your Local Pro Shop!

Pro shops are usually more in-tune to what is really going on.  They are closer to their customer so they hear what they are looking for and what they are up to.  They are usually way ahead of the next trend.  Your pro shop is probably spending as much time as possible actually out doing the sport rather than just "selling" it.  Pro shops also go out and actually try most of the gear they buy.  They dont just throw...
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I Can Get Up On A Wakeboard ... Now What?

For many, a wakeboard, a 2 person tube, and a pair of old combo skis are essentials on the boat that you pull out to give a try a few times each summer.   To others, a wakeboard is a serious piece of equipment used to do incredible aerial tricks.   Each user is on the complete other end of the spectrum but the reality is – there is no right or wrong as long as you are on the water with...
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